Earth Day reflection

“In truth, the heart, like the Earth, is continually blanketed by ever-changing atmospheres that come and go between who we are and how we live our days.”                                                                                                                                                      -Mark Nepo

In the Book of Awakening, April 19 entry, Mark Nepo suggests that faith may be about “the effort to believe in light, when we’re covered by clouds…”  I find his words tender and wise; a compass to the divine within each of us.  All forms of nature create opportunities for staying in touch with that which is essential to life.  His thoughts led me to consider my relationship with water and the sun.

Water is intimate and sensual.  I’m especially drawn to the stillness of mountain lakes and ocean shores. Being in water has often been a great source of comfort and delight.  I find water to be healing as it gently sheds parts that need shedding, without my asking.  Last summer, with an awakened heart, I bobbed around in Long Island Sound for extended periods of time each week, listening, surrendering.  The experience of floating became a kind of remembrance of who I am.  Like oneness in the womb.  I trusted the water to hold me; I met Grace there.

In January, while in Costa Rica, the warm Pacific Ocean waves hugged me again, in a new way.  During one of our retreat workshops the teacher invited us to ask the universe for an element of nature to join us on our spiritual journey.  I immediately thought of my friend, water.


But surprise – it was the Sun, who longed for my attention.  What can I learn from such a goddess I wondered.  At the equator, the Sun penetrates deeply and this energy quickly became an ally for vitality, engagement, spontaneity, playfulness, confidence and a welcoming for more masculine energy.

Throughout this winter, the sun was a faithful companion on many bright, cold, blue sky days;  unequivocally, a silent partner on gray days and lonely nights.  In the darkness, there’s never a doubt of its presence.  Even when out of view, it warms our life forms.  Such is Awareness or the Essence of God, ever-present, open, unconditional, revealing itself in the beauty of the world.  Nature delights in Oneness.  I delight in Love.



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