On the occasion of the four year anniversary of Ken’s transition, naturally, a poem befitting of his transcendent nature appears. Our Love continues to grow deeper, as we experience you in far more boundless ways! Ahh, what Joy your reunion must be. We feel your presence with us always!!

“Star-Breath” by Joyce Rupp

I lie awake on summer’s greening grass

soon to be soft with evening’s dew

I lie expectantly, silently,

waiting for a presence to breathe upon me.

With the first sigh of the evening star

my heart responds to a distant touch,

a wisp of recognition, a waft of joy.

Life-giving breath of the galaxies 

sails through the heavens

into my grasping, yearning spirit,

uniting me in the morrow of my soul.

Star-breath washes over me

like god-breath

filling the soul of a new creation,

awakening my soul’s withered bones,

lifting them into lightness and dance.

I open my small, isolated self to the stars

and am once again healed of my disparity,

the falsehood of a separate identity.

Infusing star-breath fills my soul

with eternal oneness.

My being absorbs the star’s sighing,

and I enter into the easy sleep

of endless communion.


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