Held by the Great Mystery

I seek to live intimately with my own life and the world.  

When I am able to live with real intimacy, 
When I pay attention in each moment 
And do not shrink away from what is true, 
I experience a presence that is not mine alone,
That holds me even as I hold the moment.
This presence, this Great Mystery, 
Known by many different names –  God, Spirit, Allah, the Great Mother –
Lifts me, fills me with a vast silence
And a sharp taste of the interconnectedness of all life.
I have faith in this Mystery and the many ways in which it sustains us.   

I want to love well. 
I seek to increase my ability to be with the truth of each moment,
To be with what I know, the sweet and the bitter.
I want to stay aware of the vastness of what I do not know.
This is what brings me to the journey, 
I do not want to live any other way.   

And sometimes, I allow myself to imagine
That each moment in which we love well 
By simply being all of who we are and being fully present
Allows us to give back something essential 
To the Sacred Mystery that sustains all life.
-Oriah Mountain Dreamer
Trumbull, CT full moon rising

Today’s post is in recognition of deep gratitude for my long-time dear friend Sue Koehler. Sue was a Jesuit Volunteer with Ken, Kate, Trisha and me in Seattle 1985-86. On the occasion of her birthday on 1/28/23, it is fitting to express heart-felt joy for our enduring friendship and love. Sue continues to inspire me with her beautiful presence, compassion, wisdom and spiritual depth. This poem, by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, from her book “The Invitation” was shared today in Rev. Sue’s daily newsletter. You may want to follow Rev. Sue who is the pastor at Annisquam Village Church in Gloucester, MA@ annisquamvillagechurch.org.

“Wherever you are on the journey of life, may you know yourself as blessed.” – Sue Koehler


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