have you seen her
the one dressed up like a lady for a party
she’ll not quit the feelings in her body
which is quite alright for she is
destined to live the awake dream

infinite purple, pink and gray hues of dusk
emerge pornographically
in ways that delight
she moves her hands delicately
aware of her unveiled beauty
her lover beckons

go to the threshold without hesitation
she playfully winks at death
say yes to life
your life
shamelessly risking all that has gone before
and all tomorrows for this homecoming
there is no apology

guileless passion releases
a taste of nature’s divine essence
fresh as daybreak in Monet’s garden
and for a moment
thought suggests
that she is the sky or even the gold

-melissa jagoe-seidl


The great All

He who binds to himself a joy
Does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the joy as it flies
Lives in Eternity’s sunrise
-William Blake

I think in William Blakes’ short poem, Eternity, he conveys that joy cannot be possessed and true freedom is to live with an awakened heart.   When Love recognizes Itself in another, time stops. For that moment, breath is God’s infinite Being. This is eternity.   For me, Being in Love is quieting; it’s a homecoming, no longing or lacking here. I rest easily in this place.  In Love, I am you and you are me.

Insidiously, thoughts and feelings return with their wishfulness to hold onto the experience, extend it, stay there, stay close.   Inherent is a sense of separation and that’s when the longing returns.  It preoccupies my mind.  It feels very different than the one who kisses the joy as it flies.  Righteousness and entitlement are familiar from this place. This is a longing that perpetuates possessiveness.

Some people can easily facilitate truth and deliver this Love and Understanding in a way that not only points us in the direction of Awareness but who are truly Love and live Christ Consciousness.  I am sensitive to the synchronicity of events and the paths of other spiritual travelers.  From the perspective of the heart, Love and Longing are nearly indistinguishable. 

Awareness knows nothing other than Love; no one to attach to, nothing to grasp or hold onto.  The artist and the friend, the wind and the waves, the lovers and teachers are God’s infinite being.  This is the joy of the great All.



My Lover

This poem, by Martha McClure, deeply touches my heart.  Her spirit and creativity inspire me.  In this moment, Awareness recognizes Itself.  I believe her Lover is My Lover too.

(My Lover reprinted with permission from author Martha McClure)

My Lover
My Lover is the most patient, persistent, and generous of souls.
My Lover unceasingly showers me with unending treasure in infinite forms.
Hear the turn of tires on the damp morning pavement? That’s my Lover.
Smell that hint of leaves drying in a clump under the Beech in the middle of the yard? That’s Him too.
He’s coming to me on the breeze through the branches and glancing off my cheeks and lips.
He’s tangled in the laughter and screams of children postponing their departure from the playground.
He’s caught as the reflection of the brilliant blue sky on the drop of rain clinging desperately to the rusted fence.

My Lover doesn’t know ‘no,’ He hears only ‘yes!’ and ‘more.’
He invites me to open, sometimes gently, sometimes violently.
He implores me to let go, resist no more.
Yet He is never discouraged nor disappointed.
Never depleted nor distraught.
He discovers my secret hiding places and slides silently in through the shadows to find me.

My Lover hosts no conditions, no expectations for my engagement.
He comes and comes and comes again.
He will let me rest but will not let me sleep.
The more I recognize my Lover, the more thunderous He grows.
The more petulant my vision, the more painful His presence.
My blindness, my deafness, my numbness becomes my desperation.

For my Lover reveals Himself equally in my longing as He does in my ecstasy.
And He shines brilliantly in the Knowing.