Never Not Now

“Your life you live by the light you find…”  – from The Dream of Now by William Stafford

It requires a certain amount of courage to live life.  Sometimes I feel courageous; other times, anxious or insecure.   Befriending the shadowy side makes life more interesting.   I’m learning that with or without my cooperation, Awareness remains infinite and unchanged. This poem speaks to being brave and acceptance to whatever comes.

            Never Not Now

Infuse healing some other day.
Hold discomfort tenderly now, as if by design.
Care for doubt and uncertainty
no less than you might the most admired guests.
As brisk air risks your quietude,
breath in a thousand blossoms.
With a pregnant pause,
acknowledge your capacity,
know the distinctive timbre that is You.
Always here, always now.
Scream out loud sometimes.
or maybe lean on another.
Host the gray, purple and even red skies with equanimity.
Ragged edges
deserve their place too.

– by Melissa Jagoe-Seidl








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