A parenthesis in eternity

To awaken is the greatest miracle of this world!   Throughout the day I notice being more open, available, sensitive and softer. I suspect this comes from understanding myself in a new way.  Tasting the fullness of life takes courage.  Although it’s not always easy, living deadened is no longer an option.   There’s a pop song by Hailee Steinfeld with the refrain, “I didn’t know I was starving ‘til I tasted you.” That line playfully captures the sweetness I find in both the intimate and sensual experiences of spiritual Oneness and sexual freedom.  I’m learning that there’s so much more to life than just surviving.  Life is richer, fuller.  I see beauty in people and places I may easily have overlooked in the past.  Sometimes the day and night move in slow motion, as if asking be taken in more fully.  I am keenly aware of my own sorrow, sadness and confusion at times; sometimes unbearable, but not really.  Surrender to the present moment, to whatever is here, say yes without reservation. I absolutely would not be writing this without the guidance and support of teachers who have lived experiences of love, loss, metamorphosis and the changeless nature of their own being. The universe has provided me with two significant people who inspire my courage and share with humor, humility and grace.  I am so grateful for the intimacy and Love that binds us.

The following are selected excerpts from a parenthesis in eternity, Joel S. Goldsmith, 1963.  As mentioned in earlier blogs, this book is one that I was led to by a spiritual guide.  And it continues to bring light to my experience of communion.  I am drawn to his writing too because it reminds me that the questions and mysteries of the heart are ageless.  It’s ok to live with the mysteries.

“Locked up in you is the power to attract to the word of God all those who are seeking God. Learn to tabernacle with God, to commune with God at the center of your being.  Meet God there every day.  And there, too, you can meet all the other people that you have known on the spiritual path.  Go within yourself and meet them there.  You can never be alone – those you know on the spiritual path are always with you”

“Every word of truth that God has ever uttered is locked up within you.  Loose it and let it go, but never tell this secret except to those of your spiritual household.  Do not expose you “pearl” to those who are not connoisseurs of pearls.  Do not ever give anyone an opportunity to ridicule your inner life.  Do not let anyone try to destroy your faith, your understanding, or your wisdom.”  (Since this blog has a spiritual focus, I trust this is safe to ponder here amongst friends and other light travelers.) 

“Each one who maintains some measure of the realization of the Absolute has a work to perform, and part of that work is imparting the Absolute to those few who are able to receive it.”

“Although there are some few in the history of the world who have come to earth so highly endowed spiritually that they have received the impartation of the Spirit directly by Grace without the intervention or help of a teacher, the vast majority of those who have attained the realization of the Absolute have attained it through a teacher.”

‘Many are called, but few are chosen.’  “There are many who receive some spiritual light, but instead of instantly saying “Ah, I must follow this to the end’, they usually are content to rest in the additional comfort gained.  They accept the increased human good and are satisfied with it, rather than seeking to find the principle that brought it about.  Spiritual evolution comes about not in one lifetime: it comes about over a period of many, many lifetimes.  There are those who receive some measure of spiritual light, but aside from using it to gain better health, more abundant supply, or more satisfying companionship, go no further with it.  This, however, gives them such a firm foundation that in their next parenthesis they go higher, and it is possible that in the one following that, or the one after, they will attain the highest initiation and receive the illumination of the Absolute.”



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