Here I am

My Lover finds beauty in
my vulnerability and calls me closer,
even when discomfort feels unbearable.

He is intimately present
in my longing and yearning.
Like sparkling ripples on the Soundthat glisten with oneness.

The path can go one way or another –
each time you’ll go the right way.
You are moving closer to yourself.

My Lover holds me tenderly
even when I feel misunderstood and alone.
Lean in on chilly Spring days.
Abandon the illusion of separateness.

It’s ok, to say “Really?”
See Me in all your questions,
doubts and confusion too.

Then relax,
laugh out loud and often.
I like it when you do.

Dare to stay open
even as you risk the pleasure
or pain of making love.
My Lover is desire Itself.

Do not be afraid to cry.
A unique portal is designed for you alone.
Your grief cannot harm you in anyway.  I am your tears.

Trust in synchronicity.
Everyone and everything in your experience
is for your awakening.
Honor your participation in this boundless mystery.

Say yes to all experience.
I am presence and will NEVER leave you.
Your soul is called to this journey,
in this time, this place.

Your heart knows your own changelessness.
Live knowingly as that.


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