Love flies on its own wings

“Love flies on its own wings and knows no laws.  It is the emergence of grace to wrest us from the hypnosis of separation.”       – Francis Lucille

What does it mean to live an awakened life?  On some level, I believe it means living in this world with an open heart, in union with divinity.  This is happiness. When I’m at ease, the beauty and tenderness with which I relate to myself and the world can radiate positive energy, creativity and a quality of presence that merges with the present moment. I am Love.

However, as we all know, as life unfolds, there are challenges and difficult situations; some predictable others unexpected. I’m facing some of both right now. My heart is heavy.  I wonder what lessons there may be for me to learn in relating to painful life experiences?  Who is the one that feels inadequate, sad and undesirable?  These sorts of emotions are raw and sometimes overwhelming.  My body is speaking as well, in ways I am yet to understand.

The way of a bodhisattva is to be willing to stay present and live out of this place too. Pema Chodron teaches that we need to go beyond our aversion to pain. Avoidance keeps us stuck in an imbalance of attraction to pleasure and aversion to pain and discomfort.  Is it possible to be at home here?

We are never alone.  Having an enlightened teacher helps me stay the course, to have courage,  be authentic and to live from my true essence.  To experience Love with another person is to know God.  I believe my awakening is channeled through this relationship.  There are no boundaries or separation in Consciousness and I am deeply aware of a transformative experience underway.  This is real.

From a nondual perspective Francis Lucille shares, “We don’t love the other, we love the love in the other.”   There is beauty in the unanswerable questions too.


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