No cause

“Don’t try to find a cause of happiness or moments of fulfillment.  There is no cause.  As long as you look for, and give a cause, you turn your back on the fullness, the message of the moment.”   – Jean Klein

Infinite, unchanging Consciousness is Love. Happiness is another name for the same. A glimpse is enough for a life time.  That which is true and unstainable, resonates deeply in my heart and in my daily ins and outs. There’s a movement of my inner orientation to life.   Attention calls me back to Awareness; to rest here.  And action pulls me into a flow of life that is fully alive and engaged, albeit somewhat mysterious.  Awareness sees Itself, merging with people and places, free of restrictions of time and place.  How is this possible?   Ways of seeing and knowing are expanded. Stay curious; stay alive. Question, ponder, explore, dream, pray, love without hesitation and accept everything as it is.  Live the yes.

A new sort of freedom and peace abides, characterized by the absence of longing and seeking.  Fear no longer relates as an obstacle.  I’m humbly aware of how non duality pervades my identity and relationships. I hear gentle words of wisdom to “listen to your heart”.  This holds meaning for me.

Life is fragile with a very thin space between here and now and life beyond. Is there a life unlived, yet to be lived?  What am I called to do with my awakened heart?  Can I be a teacher? What is my purpose in being here?  An emerging is underway.  I am filled with gratitude.



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