Warm embrace of mystery

“…relax into the utter not knowing, unraveling in the warm embrace of mystery, sinking deeply into the moment, savoring it fully, in all its uniqueness and wonder.”  -Jeff Foster

Awakening to the nature of who I am as ever-present, timeless, unstainable awareness is…a miracle.  Here there is no longing or lacking. Presence feels wide open with the capacity for any and all experience.  As I explore how this recognition informs how I live my life and relate in the world, there are ups and downs and many questions to ponder. Some days more familiar or conditioned ways of relating, thinking and feeling appear.  Integration of what I understand to be, may be a little harder.  Glad to have a compassionate, loving teacher.  There’s a strong emotional piece in mind/body that is rooted in separateness. I’m learning that it’s not urgent to figure everything out right now.  Longing, sadness, loneliness come and go, when gently held  with compassion.  These feelings aren’t comfortable. A friend recently shared, “I try not to take myself too seriously.”  I aspire to that as well.  And good thing, since I fell off the bow of the boat at the start of sailing class at Long Shore on Sunday.  (LOL)

Another discovery.. it’s ok to linger in the “warm embrace of mystery.”  Intimate, sensual experiences of pure intimacy make my heart race…not  unlike going to the limits of your longing.  Groundlessness is the new normal.  In Awareness, time and space have no boundaries.  Consciousness doesn’t share the dimensions of humanity, nor is communication limited to words.  There are other ways of listening and knowing.  Love recognizes Itself.   This is my experience.   Perhaps it is by “sinking into my heart”,  I live more fully alive.